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Very Minor Bug: Strange behavior of text on memorial in Woodsend Plains



This is a very minor issue with no gameplay impact, but, hey, someone's got to report the little stuff too.




When I entered Woodsend Plains for the first time (from the north) and clicked on the pillar, instead of showing the text for "Thargelios" it showed about a paragraph of dummy text ("Lorem ipsum is standard dummy text..."). I reloaded from the autosave several times and got several different results. Sometimes, the correct text would be displayed, sometimes the dummy text, and other times the text entry for  "Thargelios" would instead show the text for the next entry ("The Fool, Dragon of the Obsidian Order). In both cases, clicking on another entry and then clicking on "Thargelios" again would cause the correct text to be displayed. The bug seems more likely to occur when Eder reads the memorial.


Link to save/output log/specs https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pe45fu4y22vdho/PoE%20bug%20%28dummy%20text%29.zip?dl=0


Screenshot is attached.

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