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study: gaming and post-work stress


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Hello Gamers,

Gaming has often been associated with bad consequences like violence or lack of motivation. More recently though, studies have been debunking these associations and are starting to reveal positive aspects.

You now also have the chance to shed some light on the true consequences of gaming. We are conducting a study about post-work gaming and researching its relation to occupational stress.
So do you:

-        Work 32 hours or more between the 18th and 22nd of May

-        Play on console or PC

-        Play at least 1 time a week

-        Play a minimum of one hour per week

-        Have a smartphone that supports the application Metricwire

And would you like to participate in a journal study?

You need to be available from the 17th to the 22nd of May, and be willing to fill in an online questionnaire three times a day. Please note that the there will only be questions on the evening of the 17th. For the rest of the days; the first moment will be on the morning before work, the second is directly after you work and the third time is before you go to sleep. It is important you fill in all the questions on each occasion. Each time, these questions will take about 5 minutes. You will be reminded to do so via the application.  

All information provided by you will be handled strictly anonymous and confidential. Only researchers from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam will see your data.
If you would like, the results of the study will be made available for you.

Please reply or send us a private message with your email, so we can send you further instructions.
Thanks for your time!

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