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Unplanned parenthood active cinematic fail

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After escaping the file room, I gat to the oparation room with Randy on the table, disguised as a women. Here start the abortion cinamtic. The needle part goes fine, so is the second one. But the apiration part ...

As do just as asked, wich mean click left on the mouse to start. Hold left, and when I suck a ball for the first time, right click.

Here come the trick. The right click suspend the left click, and the sucking does not start again, at least until I click Right again, because no other command do anything. 

When Randy's balls get stuck fo the second time, the vaccum rip them off imediatly. Normaly there is a time when the balls get stuck at the begining of the tube, but there, it stip them off directly, whatever I do (smashing the cancel sucking does not stop anything, even before the stucking happens).


I don't know if this was clear enouth, so if you have any questions go ahead, and if you have any solution, I'll be happy to try out.

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