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Athletics and Fatigue, for the Non-Athletic

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The mechanics of Athletics and Fatigue (Minor, Major, Critical) are well thought out. Fatigue effects have a major effect on a character's accuracy, defense and hit points. That said, I often find myself wishing the in-game implantation used Athletics and Fatigue checks more often as I rarely encounter its effects with a few points in the Athletics skill.


Example: Climb the Wall at the Castle or Swim through the Sewers (Act I)


After completing this activity I would have liked to see party members fatigued based on their level of athletics And/OR by assigning a higher fatigue penalty in the script to this action.


Athletic Skill: 0 and your wizard has critical fatigue, and is about ready to collapse after struggling to swim through the sewers.

Athletic Skill: 2 (1 to 2), your PC has major fatigue and sore muscles.

Athletic Skill: 4, (3 to 4) your Chanter has minor fatigue

Athletic Skill: 6, (5+) Elder has no fatigue after swimming through the sewers or climbing the wall.


Likewise, descend on a rope and grappling hook and you may find some members of your party fatigued from the descent.


Climbing a high cliff (Act II) would have higher skill checks (I.e. Bandits await on the mountain path a head, your party can proceed forward to engage them or climb the cliffs to avoid them).


Athletic Skill 2 (0 to 2), your wizard is critically fatigued after climbing the mountain side.

Athletic Skill 4 (3 to 5), your PC has major fatigue after scaling the mountain.

Athletic Skill 7 (6 to 8 ), your chanter has minor fatigue

Athletic Skill: 10 (9+), Elder has no fatigue after climbing a mountain side



Minor Fatigue = -10 Accuracy, -5 all defenses, 90% Endurance

Major Fatigue = -25 Accuracy, -12 all defenses, 75% endurance

Critical Fatigue = -50 Accuracy, - 25 all defenses, 50% endurance


The in-game of benefits from higher skill levels would increase the value of continued specialization in Athletics and provide a valid reason for continued advancement in this skill. It would also increase the value of potions that temporarily reduce fatigue (Goldrot Chew).

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I would like to see individual characters; of high athletic level, have the option to jump a chasm or a ravine.


How could this be implemented?


--- The presence of a character of high athletic Skill (8+) - reveals a jump tile. If this character moves to stand on it, a linked destination jump tile on the other side of the obstacle (ravine, chasm, river of lava) is revealed.

--- Click on the destination tile and the PC with the high athletic skill jumps to the destination tile.


Only characters of High Athletic Skill (or with related magic items - i.e. Boots of Jumping) can make the jump.

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