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Endurance doesn't regenerate + Question about Ranger animal companion + health regen + loading problems



PoE Champion edition newest version (automatically updated by steam)

Well, 1st thing (close-combat-rouge lvl3 in chapter 1; bug):
I am/was in the Temple of Eothas in Gilded Vale, when i noticed my endurance is stuck at 30of 64 - this is even when I'm not in combat, not wearing any armor (which just slows down regeneration, but doesn't stop it completely anyways), and according to my char-screen etc I'm not sick etc (i only have 2 buffs: one from resting in Merchant's Stay Apartment, another from having the "wreckless assault" talent/mode activated)
!endurance also stuck when I disabled "wreckless assault" + stealth mode, AND restarted the whole game!

2nd: is there a way to heal yourself in chapter1 (health - not endurance/stamina; resting/camping not included)

3rd: when I buff myself up (expensive apartments, food+scrolls+equipment etc) and my main-char is a Ranger, do these buffs also count/work for my animal companion (which I'm supposed to have a sort of soulbond/connection with)

4th (bug): sometimes PoE is stuck loading a new area/map/screen and the game STILL starts paused, and won't unpause until you alt-tabbed to windows and back to PoE...


update: I've managed to unfreeze the endurance regeneration by resting in a tavern (already sucessfully tested comabat after that) - however it shouldn't have happened in the 1st place (game is installed on - even for SSDs fast - SSD, Data+Windows-Profiles-Folder is on a separate HDD - I'm an administrative  IT expert/professional)


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As far as your first question goes, your endurance wasn't regenerating to 64 because you only had 30 health, so yes, it was working correctly. You lose as much health as you do endurance while in combat.  After combat, you will regenerate your full endurance pool assuming your health pool is larger than your endurance pool.


2nd: There is a utility talent called Field Triage that can refill a portion of your health once per rest. Other than that, no.


3rd: Don't know but assume yes.


4th: No idea.

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