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suggestion: More rewarding outros and more...

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I just finished KotOR (LS+DS), really great game - I was very happy reading that Obsidian will do the sequel. But there are (as usual) things I hope Obsidian will do better with KotOR2 than Bioware did with part one:



The outros of KotOR suck big time. They are boring, ugly, badly designed and all-to predictable. Since they are drawn using the game engine, it would have been reasonable to spend a little more time and effort to satisfy the player after hour and hour of playing the game.



It's good that Bioware choose to render the cutscenes using the game models - it fit's better in the overall look. But why pre-render the scenes? This gives the cutscenes an odd look, using 1280x1024 for the game when the cutscenes are only 640x480...



Using some more, different textures and (even more important) the use of normal maps (especially for the characters) would greatly add to the visual appeal of the game!

See here for some infos about 'normal maps':




Bigger level segments (to reduce loading times) would also be great, maybe using preload similar to GTA (when you near a certain segment, the segment gets loaded and set-up, so you don't ever realize it's loading anything).

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