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I made a thread about the differences of font size in-game, I guess around a month ago. Honestly, I seemed like the only one complaining about it. Anyway, I would like to bring some clearer evidence on the matter and extend it to a discussion about the whole UI in the game.


First of all, I play the game on a notebook, resolution 1366 x 768. I've seen gameplay on higher resolution monitors and the UI scaling seems OK there. So the issue I'm going to point out might be restrict to notebook gamers only.


So, when I first started the game, the UI seemed OK, including during character creation. But then, the first in-game screen that appeared was this:




It seemed odd that 2/3 of the game screen was being covered by the dialogue window. Also, the dialogue font size seemed too big comparing to the font size I saw in character creation's UI, the loading screen and all the rest of the game text. I know the bar at the top of the dialogue box is draggable, but with the standard font size, that means just a few lines of dialogue appear, so the player have to scroll down every time. Moreover, some of the 'wooden structure' of the dialogue box (e.g. bottom and side bars) seemed to block the screen unnecessarily.


Then I tried turning down the font size in the options to 85%, which made the dialogue text way more confortable to read and suiting to the game's style (closer to classic IE games):




But that made some of the other text way too small to read, mainly character sheet and scripted interactions:





After messing around with UI some more, I noticed some other things:


- Turning up font size (115% in the print) cause overlapping text in the character's sheet




- This small issue in the cyclopedia




- Text boxes popping up above the screen appear to have bigger font size, contrasting with the rest of in-game text, like dialogue (font size 100% in the print)




Here is some text from the item description above next to the "Done" button located in the bottom right corner of the character creation screen, both scrapped from prints with scale maintained (font size set to 100%):




Here is a comparison of the same "Done" button with the "Accept" button from a box that pops if you try to finish character creation with unassigned attribute points left (same size as the loading box after dying, stronghold warning etc.) and some UI elements that I think are relatively too small:





I know it can be a personal thing and I'm just being over bothered by it or too perfectionist. That's why I made this thread, to know what you guys think! Personally, I think the standard dialogue text (and the dialogue box as a whole) is way too big in the 1366 x 768 resolution. The same happens for the popping textboxes. I would suggest to make them smaller, or at least approximate the font size from different UI texts some more, so they can be customized to a more satisfying result.


[EDIT] It would be better if the scrapped images I posted were in the same scale as the prints, but it seems that the image uploading system does not concern with maintaining the original size.

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Yes, there are lots of text and font bugs in this game. There's also a bug when you use anything that scrolls, font kerning will completely screw up and text will begin to blur in some places.

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