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The man who waits - main quest bug, unable to continue game


Dear developers!


A game breaking main quest bug occured to me, preventing me to continue my game. The quest i am talking about is: "The man who waits"


When i got this quest, i traveled to the sanitarium. Head Warden Ethelmoer (stone statue) asked me to search for clues downstairs. I went down, and i saw, that the door was open. At this point i have left the sanitarium to do sidequests first (i prefer to do them first in any rpg game, for completionism). When i have returned (days later), i noticed the quest have improved in the quest log (see the attached picture), without me doing anything in that matter. So i talked to the head warden upstairs, who wants me to interwiev Gram in the north wards now.


So i proceeded without doing anything, who cares you might say. Well i was thinking that myself too, but when i went down the door, that was open days ago is now closed. It needs a key, that i dont have. When i try to talk to the head warden, its not reacting in any way to me. So i am stuck on this level. I have completed everything i could find otherwise days ago (including the other 2 main quest i had). I was checking in in daily basis, to see if the problem is gone. This bug occured to me before 1.04, if i am correct that patch is alive now. The bug however still exists. I saw and replied in other posts in the same matter, so i am not the only one with this problem. So i am bored waiting, please do something! :)







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