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Unsure about the stronghold (Minor Spoilers, Maybe?)

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So I've been playing the game for about 40+ hours now I believe clearing each and every content I can find along the way, having just done everything available in act II and stepped into Act III recently.


But I just dont understand if some stuff that were said to be included in the game were changed/deleted or not. First thing I did when I got the strong hold was to build the prison so I could take prisoners. As I remember that it was said that some characters could be captured and held, then people would appear and offer something in exchange for the prisoners.


Now I've only taken three as prisoners, Nyrid, Eorn and Gramrfel.

Nyrid has been in my prison for some 30+ hours and no one seems to care for this guy.

Eorn has been for some 20+ hours and again no one seems to care.

Gramrfel on the other hand I captured and the second I left the map and entered a new area he escaped, so no clue on this guy.

Overall the whole point of taking prisoners seems completly pointless except for having NPC'S in the dungeon and getting some cruel points for torturing them.


Another thing is the hirelings, so this is among the only things I actually looked in the PoE official game guide to see where and how to get them.

All the +prestige and +security in here seems to be completly wrong. For instance I have managed to find 3 "special" hirelings. All the brothel hirelings, of whom I chose Gjefa. All of them are suposse to give +3 prestige +0 security but they all only give +2 prestige +0 security. 

The faction hirelings should give, Crucible +8 prestige +4 security, Dozens +4 Prestige +6 Security, Doemenel +2 prestige +8 security. But in fact they only give 50% of that my crucible only giving me +4 prestige +2 security.

The last hireling I got was a guest hireling, Dunryd Psion the only guest hireling to have appeard, he is suposse to give -2 prestige +4 security but instead he gives -2 prestige +2 security for 100cp/5days which means he is even worse then the normal hirelings that costs far less. I actually hired him but then dismissed him and now he refuses to leave my throne room :w00t:.


Now at the moment I have 42 prestige and 42 Security, the thing I focused entirely at first was prestige before going for security. Now of course I have'nt had this for the around 35 hours that I have had the stronghold. But in all those hours, I have only had 3 different guest, the town drunk, a wanted thief and a cruel ruler. All who gave - in either prestige or security and had to be payed to leave or escorted away. The thief only appeared once while the drunk has come 5-6 times and the cruel ruler 3-4 times. As it is right now I am pretty much wondering if there are any positive things that can happen at all at my stronghold. I also always lose 25-50% of the tax income and twice I even lost everything.


At the moment the whole point of getting prestige and security just seems so pointless. Also if you are gonna change hireling stats atleast in my opinion it should be done before the game guide is made or it should be changed in the guide. It just kinda feels bad to buy something and then have it be incorrect on stuff right from release day.

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