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Stronghold upgrades disappearing and other bugs



I have been having several issues playing Pillars of Eternity.


1) Stronghold upgrades disappearing (I have just paid to Re learn this upgrade again) hopefully it doesn't keep dissappearing


2)Putting units into formation (click on the formation but when you try to get them to arrange themselves it doesn't work) *exiting game and coming back fixes this


3) issues with the map, i.e. when I press M key for map, it shows me the current map, but when I click the map icon to show me the world map it doesn't work (have had to leave game and come back to get it to work)


4) disarming traps, but then having the game say that I triggered the trap (and it attacks me), also triggered a trap in a dungeon, upon leaving the dungeon went the same route and the trap that had already triggered attacked me again).


5) the first 3 issues seem to have occurred very shortly after I increased the game speed (to walk somewhere quickly). Don't know if this is a known issue or not.


6) when in combat, I have the game set to pause upon commencement of combat. When I click on each character and who they are suppose to attack and with what abilities, generally this works. However, in several instances (especially with melee characters like pallegina and eden) they just stand there once combat begins (despite giving them a target). Also, once the enemy a ranged character was attacking dies, quite often the character will just stand there, and not automatically begin attacking the next enemy. Both of these issues occur frequently.


7) when travelling in a group with the whole party, many times while playing with sagana, upon commencement of combat, her pet was nowhere to be found (this occurs infrequently on my main character too (who is also a ranger). You can click on their image, but they are in another room or sometimes halfway across the map.


Hopefully these issues are known and a fix will be given soon. Looking to hear some feedback from obsidian on the above issues and what is being done to correct them, or what I can do to correct them if possible.



thank you.



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