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After watching the npc paladin drop an enemy with one shot from a pistol + flames and getting a look at her available talents, I got it into my head that it might be interesting to make a ranged paladin that uses the biggest weapon they can find to deal massive spike damage. At the same time, I was also getting pretty annoyed with how similar my parties were beginning to look, so I thought I'd use a fire-godlike barbarian as a front line. So far, things seem to be working well, but with how much information the game hides, there's a few things I'm unsure about when it comes to figuring out where I want to go with them.


I'll start with the barbarian, because I think she's the simplest. Right now, she's using frenzy+carnage and a fine two-handed sword to hold the front line. However, I'm not sure what type of setup I want her to have going forward, let alone what type of weapon. Is she better off with a two-hander? Dual-wielding? Sword and board? Should I be going for fast, slow or average weapons?


For my paladin, I have two questions: First, what kind of weapon does the most damage on a single shot? My intuition says it'll either be the blunderbus or the not!rifle, but I'm not actually sure about that or which I should go with. I'm also not sure about the talent that causes fear on kill. Does it proc around her or the enemy she killed? Also, how hard is it to consistently last hit?


If it matters, my party comp is as follows: The barbarian takes point. Durance follows immediately behind her to provide support and usually opens with that wide area per-encounter daze. Aloath comes in a little behind them and mostly does cc with a bit of aoe damage. Immediately behind him is a firing line consisting of Kana, the paladin, and Mother, with the paladin using the acc+crit aura.

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