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Different Bug with Minor Blight



The Issue:

After hearing how great minor blight was, I tried casting it and immediately noticed some strange behavior on my mage.  After casting minor blight, my mage's other spells didn't seem to cast any more.  I could try to cast them, and the casting animation would occur, but the spell animation would not.  My mage would then say "that's not supposed to happen".  After combat ended, I noticed I could still cast some combat spells, even though I wasn't in combat.  But the same thing would occur - his casting animation would happen, the spell animation would not, he would say "that's not supposed to happen".  Also, the spell/effect counter would decrement as I issued the command to cast, then increment back up when the effect didn't occur.

I know there was a different issue where the summoned blight wand wouldn't go away after combat.  That wasn't happening to me.  My weapon would disappear and the new blight wand would appear after casting the spell, but after combat, my old weapon was back.  I don't think he was able to attack with it though.  I don't think he was attacking with the blight wand either though - he was at first, but then I noticed that he didn't seem to be doing any damage in the log.

This strange behavior started in the combat in which I cast minor blight.  It persisted after that combat, and *still* persisted in the next combat.

I tried uploading the save files, as you asked.  They were too big.  I'm not going through whatever dropbox zip thing you ambiguously talked about.  I do have them though.  Had the same issue with the output log.  I was able to attach the dxdiag file.

Anyways, I'd like to understand what's going on here, and if you want to explain to me how to get the files to you, I have them set aside (a save before, a save after, and the output log)




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Just adding my voice to your post, I've got the exact same issue with Aloth who uses the Minor blight spell every now and again. The wand didn't remain after combat but now he is incapable of casting any spell/attack, he simply animates and makes all the right noises (which made it hard for me to pinpoint when the issue occurred, i thought he was functional when he wasn't). 


I'm going to try and swap him in and out from the party management screen next opportunity i get - for now he's a dead weight which really hurts. Here's to hoping there's a band aid fix.


EDIT: So I just made it back to an Inn, removed Aloth from the party, rested and placed him back in and he's working again. That's still leaves an Issue for those who are actually playing their main as a Wizard though. 

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