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Trying to decide between a few options for a pc (on hard). I've tried a few classes and nothing has stuck so far.


I tried a tank paladin and found I never really had to do much so I felt like I wasn't even playing my pc. Wizard was kind of the same, because I wasn't casting spells every fight (I also like aloth in the party)


I generally grab aloth and Eder right away and make myself an npc paladin tank to hold me over till Palegina. Grab durance, and then my pc and a floater spot. Don't really like the other npcs but I plan to use that 6th slot to so their quests


I really like having a rogue in the party for the dps and I often run an npc one when I'm not using that party slot to do npc quests. It's fun and I miss it when I bench her.


So I think I want to play a dps of some sort, so I can just fill that role myself. I don't want to completely glass Cannon myself and I still want some abilities while still being able to just flank with my tank and wreck stuff.



I was thinking maybe a rogue crit build that can do both melee and ranged (bows. I refuse refuse to use guns in a mideival rpg). I also kind of like the concept of riposte but is it viable without deflection stacking and gimping your dps?


Other option is a melee cipher. I'd pretty much buff myself, flank and wreck with soul whip. I like the soul whip and feel like it's pretty much sneak attack without the requirements. I also feel like the cipher has more potential to buff his defense without gimping dps. The option to throw out some cc or damage spells is nice too.



Otherwise I guess there's monk, which I know does good dps but I'm not really into. Never really liked monks in any games.

And then barbarian, but I don't know a lot about it or if it will fit with my style. I want to be a big single target damage dealer. The carnage ability isn't really what I want to focus on.


Any ideas?

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