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can't loot mobs after defeating them



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Guest Guest

It's working now. it happened after I logged in last night after a little patch. I could loot herbs, but not corpses or crates. And they were highlighable. My system is windows 7 ultimate. I 4790k devils canyan CPU. Corsair vengeance 16 gigs of ram dual channel mode. Asus gtx 970 direct cut II mini. AsRock mini itx z97 mobo. Silverstone 500 watt gold sfx psu. Not sure why it all of a sudden started working today as for I closed out the game last night and did a restart and still didn't fix it.

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Hey corsair1227,


Can I get some more information from you?


Were you ever able to loot corpses?

Was it only after patch 1.04?

Can you send me a save file and output.log?

What are you system specs?


Thanks for the information


P.S. Until we figure out what is going on, you can quick save/load after combat and all the corpses will turn to loot bags.

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Guest Corsair

I7 4790K Devils Canyon* Grr.. Wish there was an edit button unless I'm blind and didn't see it. :p


I can't load a save file as for I saved today after it was working again.


Sorry and thanks! :)

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