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So everybody is still learning the game and new knowledge is popping up on a daily basis.


I thought that a discussion about spells was needed so - well i decided to open one and I thought I would start with first level wizard spells. Please note that while I am a veteran of infinity-engine games, I am new to pillars - The text below is meant to be a starting point for a discussion and not a lecture.




There is a huge number of wizard spells so I thought we would go over them one level at a time.
Also to avoid "min-max" discussion" I think we should consider them as cast by Aloth on the minimum level required to cast them.

I have subdivided the wizards spell list into sub-categories and listed my comments/experiences below - Please criticize, comment or discuss it.



AOE: Area of Effect. These er spells that damage/effect multiple targets at range - We have two: Chill Fog and Ghost blades.

Neither do impressive damage -but do inflict debuffs on the oppositon. The ghost blades are stronger, but does not discriminate between friend and foe -which imho makes them impractical in the chaotic melee of low level battles. Chill fogs damage is very minor - but blind is useful and it does distinquish between friend and foe.

Slicken  - I must confess I have not had much experience with - but the "AOE" knockback seems amazing - Depending on how well enemies resist it - I suspect this may ba go-to spell.


CC: Crowd control. Spells that put a single target out of comission for a while. It should be added that all the whizards AOE inflict debuffs- but they are generally short of duration and/or not action-stopping.  At level one we have single CC that inflicts a stun on the enemy and apperantly lasts for quite a while.




M: melee - the wizard have a total of 3 spells at first level that allows him to do damage at melee range- I am not a fan - Under normal circumstances I don't want my wizard in the frontline - These spells do however give good damage- so you may want to sneak your wizard around the combat and utilize them on a squishy foeman behind the main battleline.

You have 3 spells in this catagory: Sunless grasp, jolting touch and parasitic staff.

B: buffs are spells that improve you - mainly the wizard in someway and for a somewhat limited duration. We have 4 of these: eldritch aim, fleet feet, wizards double and spirit shield. I dislike Eldritch Aim as I feel that getting an accuracy bonus is inviting my wizard to shoot a weapon instead of slinging spells and while I won't deny this can be effcient -the duration is short - you won't get more than 2-3 accurate shots off and I you won't be slinging spells meanwhile. Fleet feet buffs a targets movement rate- I feel that the spell is wasted. Engagements rules and crampy enviroments makes this impratical. Wizards double is (imho) overshadowed by spirit armor- Both makes the wizard tougher  - but I will take the one that make me last longer and gives me a shot of getting of a critical spell.

D = damage. These spells main purpose is to cause damage to the oppoenent. While they are often seen as a central part of a fantasy wizard- I feel that PIllars-version is generally better helped by control spells. You have access to 3 of these.
Cone of Flame - serious damage in a cone- but you need to position yourself and you may hit partymembers- I like it - good against the superannoying earlyshades. Later on I will occasionally let ALoth use this spell to roast the chaff surrounding and impeeding my tank.  Minor missiles were my first love - thay remind me of magic missiles of bg1/bg2  fame but they feel underwhelming - not enough damage - to slow to cast.  Thrust of tattered veils is an anticaster spell - I I haven't really used it, so I don't know if it effcient against high level mages- On low levels I would rather attempt to use crowd control or (maybe) slicken on an enemy.


My go-to four spells would probably be:
1 aoe - I think I slicken is the best bet - but I have clung to chill fog so far

1 cc - Dazzling light is our only option

1 dps cone of flames is my favorite here -

1 free slot - In general I would probably have either another AOE or maybe spirit armor here.



The first/second level wizard seems to be very much a controller and not a dpser I would suggest playing him carefully using aoes  - Chill fog into the melee- Slicken if a group of archers/mages exist on the periphery- A tough target can be subjected to dazzling light to take a single target out of comission. Cone of flames is a bit micro-intensive - but alloiws you to seriously roast the opposition


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