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Two small bugs that make the game easier and one noise complaint. (enemy's domination and heal and Druid's storm spells)



1. While one of your characters is dominated, if another enemy attempts to dominate that same character and misses, it will override the first domination and give you full control of your character. (I'm not sure if the same problem exists with afflictions like Charm or Confusion, but I'm assuming they do...)


2. Enemy healers can heal your own characters while attempting to heal themselves if you are standing next to them, yet your party members' heals are ally only.


3. The Druid's spells Returning Storm and Relentless Storm are way, way too loud. When they hit multiple enemies at the same time it sounds like a bomb is going off in my headset. 


Bonus #4. Balance suggestion: Make crits have some Damage Reduction bypass so dual wielding Rogues aren't so (relatively) terrible in Path of the Damned or against tanky foes (there are a lot of them) in other difficulty modes. And yes, I know you can change weapons depending on the type of foe you face, but in PotD dual wielding rogues still seem overly gimped due to how the combat mechanics work (specifically Damage Reduction).


Thanks for reading.

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