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Well, i'm stuck with the main quest, and the only option available i can think about.... i don't like it.

I have 3 options, Knights, Dozens, or the Dommenel.

Now, i have to enter in the palace with the invitation of some of them.

I have made the quest for the Knights

Help them to build the animated armors, clean the district.

For the Dozens

Return the armor for one of them, help to get some weapons (but i didn't forge it, i didn't got the soul vesser I let the matriarch leave) and I killed a Knight patrol while i was doing this, they were auto hostile

And for the Dommenel

Kill the first guy to help them, retrieve the letter without killing the thieves, get the gem without anyone seeing me,and help the mother with the other guy

So, as far as i see, the only ones who HAVE SENSE to not like me, are the knights.

BUT i'm stuck. No one of them want me. I have good reputation with all of them, so why when i try to speak to them to give me an invitation, they told me to go away? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE! I ONLY wanted to get the invitation from the Dommenel and I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING AGAINTS THEM. I did everything they asked for!

When i did the side quest the didn't told me I couldn't work with the other faction anymore.

The only option avalaible is to get the invitation from the spies (sorry, don't remember the name now). So please, is this a bug? Or is everything ****ed up? Because if is that... well I will just stop playing right now, i was enjoying the freedom i have in the game, the lot of options and ways to do the things, but if just doing SIDE quest make this happens, sadly i don't like the game anymore, i will stop playing it, i don't have enought time to play again since the moment when i arrived at Defiance bay.

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You took the quest from the Dozens causing the others to not wanna associate with you, the one where you went for the weapons - which was pointed out to you when you accepted the quest. He said it would piss off the Knights and the Doemmenel, who doesn't like other people having something they don't.


Unless of course the dozen won't associate with you either?

Fortune favors the bald.

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Sounds like you either missed a few strings (you need the dunrow lady to initiate the quest) or a bug.. Worst case you have to use the spies, not the best solution, but better than stopping I think.

Fortune favors the bald.

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