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Minor bug: Tiny Animat pet copy itself



As the topic says. The Tiny Animat pet keep copy itself after a random battle in the stronghold. Suddenly there was like 3 Tiny Animat running around. Changed to another pet like the Wyrm, and one of the copy just keep following. The two other was gone. 




Its not a big deal, but perhaps there could be sideeffects to this, I dont know, but its worth looking into. If you want the save, just ask.

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I'm getting this all the time as well and not in combat.


At first I thought the problem was that the Tiny Animats remained in areas without despawning when you moved so you got an additional one when you returned to the area. It seemed like in the stronghold where I accumulated more and more animats as I changed areas. But now I'm in Hearthsong,  have unequipped all pets since before I got here, and have one or two Tiny Animats running with me all the time anyway.

Except when I entered the market house and they both changed into cats, a pet I don't even have.

These Glanfathans should recognise me as touched by the builders.

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