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I am currently experiencing some minor bugs.

1) Envenomed Strike tooltip implies that the damage is affected by both Might and Intellect. However the combat log reflects that damage is only affected by Intellect, more ticks due to higher duration from the intellect bonus?

Are the tool-tip and/or Combat Log wrong or does Envenomed Strike just work in a weird way?


2) Modals (Fighter's Defender modal at least) sound effect and animation do not play if you load a saved game with the modal turned on. Turn on Eder's Defender's modal for the first time and a sound effect and animation should play, you can turn it off and on again, and the animation + sound effect would play normally. However, once you save the game with the modal turned on and load the same save again, the animation + sound effect would not play when the modal is turned off then on again.


Edit: I realised that I have posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Would a moderator kindly move the topic to the Technical Support Sub-forum? Thank you.

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