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Itemisation spoiled what could have been a great game.

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Now before I start. I have not read a single of the so called professional critics reviews, I stopped doing that after the 10th 10/10 score that tricked me into buying a game which was sub par and nowhere near deserving of an 8/10 never mind a perfect 10. I am glad people are so hyped about this game, as it paves the way for other developers to start producing similar however the game 


Anyway, when I first booted up POE I was impressed from the very opening scene. Considering some RPG's of this kind can take a little while to get into (even the renowned Baldur's gate 2 had the drab opening prison chapter. 


Anyway, now that I'm around half way through Act 2- I have come to the realisation this game has very few unique items, the ones that are unique can easily be trounced by enchanting. 


Why make a game when no interesting loot for the most part never drops. I don't want rare and unique items around every corner but the prospect of having an extremely slim chance of picking up something which will easily replace my current gear is missing. What is the point in having trash mobs if they give you nothing in return. No XP which I agree with, but no decent loot either, come on? That's what makes fighting the same trash mob you just fought two minutes ago bareable. I do enjoy the combat at times, but at too many other occasions in the game it feels like an utter chore as the most you will be lucky to get out of it is using more camping supplies for a rest. Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for a Diablo loot system here, that would be horrible, but how about that of akin to Baldur's Gate 2, the 15 year old title that they were meant to be upgrading. All they seem to have upgraded is the graphics. The companions are also rather dull, I feel little attachment to any of them apart from maybe Durance. More like NPC's most of them than companions. They also couldn't be bothered to give your companions AI for those who want as was seen in BG 2, honestly I think a lot of the games flaws where down to simply sheer laziness on Obsidian's part. 


Maybe the game will start picking up now and useful items will begin to drop, which I doubt. However I know for certain I will not be having a second playthrough with this one as what is the incentive to do so? ]


Graphically the game is significantly better but in all other areas it falls flat compared to Baldur's Gate 2. I find that very surprising since it is a 15 year old game, just shows they put in a fraction of the effort which saddens me since it was paid and tested for by the same people they are charging 40 plus for to purchase. 


TL;DR Lazy itemisation system by Obsidian spoils what could have been a great RPG. 

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