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Stuck Bug: Assassin at Large, Hearthsong, No Bethwl in Passage of the Six



I'm at the stage where I'm just entering Hearthsong. I've had the dialogue with the Warrior at the main gate, then the dialogue with the Concerned Tribesmen just inside.


I've entered The Passage of the Six building, expecting to find Anamenfath Bethwl. No sign of her in the building, just 3 tribespeople all giving the same dialogue options and Kroze  (standard npc whose soul I can reach for).


Has Bethwl been relocated, or have I missed a step ?  Or have I found a bug ?


My journal says "Seek audience with the anamenfath in the Passage of the Six.


<note> I found this post searching the forum and pasted it here - it exactly describes my problem.  Unfortunately since my game overlay is EA Origins his homegrown solution doesn't work for me.


Cannot progress the main quest until I can resolve this.  Thanks for any assistance!

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Hey WaerEmEye,


Can you attach a save file so we can take a look? Anamenfath Bethwal should be inside the Passage of the Six. A forced dialogue pops as soon as you enter the room. If you open the mini map while inside Passage of the Six a map icon called "Anamfatha Council" should appear.

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Where can I find the save files, and what are the saves called?  

I have found .fog and . lvl is that it??


I did a standard Install. 


When I enter the Passage of Six map there is no scripted interaction and no sign of Bethwl.


Thanks for your fast reply.

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No worries,


I loaded up your save and Anamenfath Bethwl is spawning in the Passage on my end. You said "enter lodge" make sure you are in the Passage of the Six and go all the way down the hall. You can't see Anamenfath until you reveal the second room. You know you are in the right place when Pallegina forces a dialogue.

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