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Main Story quest + technical problem



Hello i got a main quest problem. I cant finish this quest in Diuk's palace cause i got very good relation with all three nations.
I put here my save file link cause is to big to attach and try to make this done (if u can)




Another bug is a small fog in a rows. 

I hope u guys help me fix all my problem 
Thank you 


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Hey Wiku,


I took a look at your save. In order to gain an invite through a house to the hearings you have to complete the two main quests for that house. Once you complete one houses second quest it will align you with that house (blocking you from completing the other houses). In your case you've completed the two quest for the Dozens (Copperlane, Admeth's Den) and it seems you went on to do the first quests of the other houses. Which is fine, but as you've seen you will sooner or later become blocked by the other factions due to your friendship with the Dozens. If you go back and speak to Wenan in Admeth's Den about the hearings it should put you back on track.


Good luck

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From the save you posted.


1. Transition to Copperlane

2. Enter Admeth's Den Expedition Hall (Northeast)

3. Speak to Wenan (middle of the room)

4. Select dialogue option 2: "About that invitation to the animancy hearings..."

5. Select any of the 3 dialogue options

6. Select dialogue option 2: "Farewell."


After this a Quest update should pop up telling you to return to Lady Webb.

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