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The magic(?) of the camping supplies

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So here's what happened. Playing in Hard, I started going down the Endless Paths. At the second level as many of you know, there is this sacrificial pit which after investigating we discovered that it allows us to climb down using a grappling hook. We did that and ended up in the 5th level. The enemies here are too hard for us so we tried to slowly slowly make our way back up. We missed however the fact that there is a staircase IN THE 5TH LEVEL that leads you straight back up and after reaching a certain point in level 3, we are now with all our tanks maimed, plus Durance, no spells or abilities except the per encounter ones , fatigued and with no supplies.
We have to get past these Xaurips that guard the door but after like 30 tries yesterday we just couldnt do it. We re crafting scrolls, potions, using traps but still... No success. They just flood us.

Even though I find this awesome just because it can happen, Im thinking switching to Easy just for this battle...!!  ;(

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