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Unable to act during combat



Description/Steps to reproduce:
On my monk during combat when switching between weapon styles (unarmed -> unarmed + shield or vice versa) at times my character becomes incapable of doing anything. Can't use skills, can't use potions, etc... sometimes i would still hit things as if i was holding my shield, but just a single one handed unarmed attack without the shield bonuses applied.
This might be related to the fact that since the patch i've noticed that at times i would switch to gear slot #3 instead of cycling back to #1. (when having only 2 slots for weapons, only something that seemed to have started happening since the patch last week).
This cost me an ironman as not being able to act cut down on what could be done with that character dramatically.
I had it happen before during the Osrya fight but didn't think much of it, but this time round during the Raedric fight it is rather brutal not being able to use anything/hit anything.
Wanted to attach the screenshot & outputlog but apparently uploading is failing both with flash as with standard upload.
Returned json error with the upload:



So files are on my onedrive:
Hope this gets fixed while i try to save this fight by summoning skeletons and hope that their 0.5-1 damage per hit somehow allows me to cheese this fight and live...
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Slight update, while i eventually managed to cheese the fight, my character remained 'dead'/immobile, resting seemed to fix it, but transitioning from area put me into infinite loading.


Alf + f4 and reloading put me back where i was before the fight started. This time i didn't switch weapons arround and everything seemed to work out better.

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