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Retaliation Rogue/Cipher for soloing the game

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I wanna soloing the game, but I think I would need a little bit of help. I have already experimented with some monk builds, but I don't think I'm gonna make this way (not quite comfortable with monks tbh). I could try a tank chanter build, but I think that will be rather boring xD So that's why I think a retaliation rogue/cipher would works, and using stealth when can't fight the mobs. Actually a really love ciphers, 'cause dude, shinny weapons. GOTY. Anyway, probably rogues are better for soloing.


I wanna try at hard mode at least the first time solo.


So, any idea about create the char and how to get good stuff early in the game and make the item builds asap?


Ty in advance :)

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