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Multiple game-breaking bugs (invincible monsters, lock-pick bug) after patch





at the end of last week i run into the white picture companion bug - which basically meant that i had to stop playing and wait for a fix (considering that easter is one of the few times in the year where you actually have some spare time to spent i was quite pissed). So after downloading the newest patch I had high hopes to be able to continue finally...



In the first few minutes of gameplay i run into 4! different kind of bugs, 2 of them again game-breaking and effectively stopping me from progressing further (dropbox link with screenshots and savegame below - i cannot attach anything here)


1: wrong item size displayed on inventory character display (minor)


2: white picture companion which does not exist when chosing party setup (annoying but minor)


3: while trying to pick a lock the attempt is successful, granting me experience, but the lock does not open, so the game tries again and again, each time giving me experience (infinity loop) - that way my characters (most - not all) instantly jump to 66k (i guess thats max level) but the door still does not open (critical - game breaking)


4: when trying to kill some enemies after reducing their hp to 0 they do not die, but rather become untargetable while still damaging my party and keeping me in combat - i am not able to continue from that point on. multiple save game reloads do not fix the problem (game breaking)


Being forced to stop again - and facing multiple days or even weeks before any fix might be available - totally ruins an otherwise great gaming experience for me. Honestly speaking - coming from software development myself - i would have some serious talks with my quality assurance. For sure no product of this size will come without bugs, but ****ing up my customers in such an avoidable way...





Happy easter

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