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Piglet/Pets and Doors: Issue, not a bug



Using the piglet as it's the only one I have for example purposes. There are situations where I'm sneaking around and want to close doors behind me, especially if I want to engage enemies and not draw the attention of others that are nearby. Unfortunately, since I cannot control the piglet pet, he often prevents me from closing doors as he wanders too close to them or simply fails to walk through them. More than once this has led to a party wipe and it took me a while to figure out it was the piglet that was making it unable for me to close the doors.


Easy fix, get rid of piglet. Unfortunately this means that pets have actual gameplay implications, and not positive ones, but negative. Would love to see this fixed as I think they're a fun fictional addition to the game, but as of right now they're leading to frustrating situations, especially in dungeons with lots of doors.

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