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Still having issues with delayed VO, inventory lag, some UI lag and occasional crashes




I've been having issues with my game ever since it came out, and the problems persist after the recent patch. VO is really delayed, sometimes it doesn't even play at all. Clicking the inventory is really slow and takes a couple of seconds, while at the same time freezing completely. Moving around objects whilst in the inventory is a pain as well, takes a couple of seconds each time you want to equip something. When creating characters the portrait section is unbearably slow, taking upwards to 20 seconds to switch each time. I've also have frequent crashes in the loading screen in game, and also while loading my save initially.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Any VO interaction. Creating a new character. Loading screens.


Important Files:


Savegames, Output Log, System Specs

Not sure how giving the save file is, but I included it nevertheless, as well as the output log and system specs. I was unable to upload them directly, even if zipped so I've uploaded them to my google drive and shared the folder below:




Troubleshooting done:

I've read on the forums that a workaround is to disable Hamachi, other VPN clients and not run IPv6 - which I'm not. Tried starting the game with the Ethernet cable not being plugged in, same problems. Tried running the game as admin, doesn't seem to want to load my game at all. Tried reinstalling (removed all previous PoE related stuff) and assigning Steam admin rights, didn't help. Checked the game integrity several times. Patched to 1.04. Updated my Realtek audio drivers, didn't help. Gfx drivers are up to date. Ran a CCleaner registry clean. Ran a defrag just in case, as well as a malware scan to make sure my PC is clean.


Generally, I don't have any issues with games, so this bums me out so badly :C I really enjoyed the initial gameplay, but due to the bugs I'm encountering, it's kinda arduous getting past Gilded Vale. I wouldn't really care if the game crashed on occasion, or the inventory lag were it not for the buggy VO that kinda takes away from the engaged feeling :(


Please help!


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