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Game-Breaking Crashes - Can't Proceed in the Main Storyline - Stuck Again



Dear Obsidian Enterntainment,


I wouldn’t imagine something like this would happen but unfortunately it’s happening and I’m really sad and dissapointed. Bought the Adventurer Edition of PoE on the launch day with childlike enthusiasm and big expectations. I’m huge fan of good old Infinity Engine masterpiece RPG’s, as well as PoE since it’s first steps on the Kickstarter till the final product.


Everything in the game is absolutely amazing – lore, story, audio-visuals, gameplay mechanics etc. BUT. In my 40+ hours played I experienced 119! crashes to the desktop so far. Only two or three of them were random – once in inventory screen, once after sucesfull combat with group of feral druids and once in/after levelling screen. Vast majority of them were on transitions – loading screens – 75%+ memory in use, write to location xxxxx caused an access violation = crash. Before the patch 1.03 I were stuck in main hall of my stronghold in Caed Nua (suddenly happened after 35+ hours played) and wasn’t able to get out – crashed every single time. After the patch I finally could get out which was a pleasant surprise cause I didn’t hope it’ll solve my problematic situation at all. Well, my joy didn’t last for long because I realized I can’t enter some locations (even the ones I can before the patch e.g. Skaen Temple from Trygil’s house). One of these locations are Catacombs in Copperlane, Defiance Bay which is essential to proceed in main storyline. I got crash on every single occasion I try to enter here. Well, this is game-breaking problem. I even don’t mind gazillions of crashes in Gilded Vale or elsewhere but this is serious thing. Basically I’m scared to play further and discover another problematic locations as I’m convinced there’ll be more of them. I’m also experiencing quite a performance issues after the patch. Before it the game run smoothly between 30-60 FPS (depends on location) but now it sometimes drops even under 20 FPS (e.g. Copperlane market) and in overall game feels a bit „laggy“. Lowering the settings didn’t help at all.


Before you ask, yes, I run the game on 32bit Windows Vista system - with 4GB of RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX260 and Intel Core Duo 3,16Ghz. I didn’t have any such problems with Witcher 2, Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite etc. on high settings with the exactly same setup and the exactly same drivers. But the frequency and amount of crashes in PoE is ridiculous. I read about Unity Engine having problems with 32bit systems and usage of memory. Is there any hope you’ll deal with this issue as soon as possible? I don’t want to try the 3GB switch since some users experienced OS issues after that. And I guess there‘s no other solution how to deal with this situation right now? I can only helplessly wait and pray you’ll find a working solution soon. But please, make this a priority in future patch because it’s quite a significant & game-breaking problem which 32bit system users are experiencing (if I can speak for others as well). I can imagine it is probably complicated and complex task but, unfortunately, in this state the game is unplayable and therefore unacceptable. It simply isn‘t working as it should work. Honestly, I haven’t experienced such problems with any single game through the years and I’m sorry it’s now happening just with Pillars of Eternity because I was looking forward to it with great passion. I know it’s not the end of the world but right now I simply can’t enjoy the game which makes me quite sad and angry. Anyway, I would like to thank you for your work on PoE so far and I hope there will be some positive news in this regard soon.


Best regards,


your big fan Andy


P. S. Please, pardon my English & potential grammatical errors.

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