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Hi, this might sound stupid, but I had a general question that I couldn't find the answer to. I've found guns and also found Kana who has an arquebus, but I'm wondering why my ranger can't use guns? I can equip them but they won't show up as being equipped, if that makes sense. I'm guessing they require ammo? If so, that would be a bit confusing since bows e.t.c don't require arrows. And Kana doesn't have any ammo. If this is true, can you tell me where/how to find ammo? Thanks.

EDIT: I figured it out! I need to click on the weapon set number when it's equipped (i.e the '1' for weapon slot 1) for it to be equipped properly. I thought it would do so automatically. 

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Thanks for the reply. Yes I thought it was quite odd. I want to use guns! Maybe it's a bug? Or a hidden restriction? Everything should be labelled with what restrictions are in place, can't find any in this situation though. Maybe rangers can't use guns? That would be silly though.

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