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Resting at Stronghold needs a redesign

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1. You are in a map and totally wounded. You have to first exit to the world map. Then:

2. You go to the stronghold, loading screen.

3. You enter the Brighthollow, loading screen.

4. You go upstairs where beds are, loading screen.

5. You rest, cut scene.

6. You go downstairs, loading screen.

7. You go outside, loading screen.

8. Return to your map, loading screen.


Who designed it this way, why was it designed this way, and why do you hate your players so much to design it this way? Seriously? :-)


How about we're allowed to trigger stronghold rest anywhere in the stronghold? Whether we're in one of halls or in the yard, it should cost nothing to rest there. Make it a quick resting spot pretty please!

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