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I don't think there was a company I had more arguments over, or over which I felt more conflicted then Obsidian. On one hand their games seemed to take it to the next level, the sheer potential or simply a new angle, just makes you think "wow I'm going to take sick leave for the next month."

Then you spend a few hours in. And the cracks appear. Merciful gods, even the cracks seem to be cracking under the weight of cut content, game breaking bugs or just the pressure of the game that could've been.



Now then, I supported this game on kickstarter. I've purposely avoided the forums or the beta because why would I spoil the second coming of crpg's for me?

And yes, I've expected the bugs.

What I did not expect was that you wouldn't use a single thing learned from your past mistakes, or even positives from your previous games. Bloody NWN2 for instance, does anyone even remember that?

Now the thing is, the sheer pretentious lore malarkey I can live with. Butchering faux gaelic seems to be in fashion for fantasy lore these days, and ultimately most people don't care if they're slaughtering some shark things or orcs.

The laziness that you wouldn't bother with the option to use skill shortcuts, to have even basic ai scripts for your followers (basic support a'lla BG), that the whole stronghold is a bad placeholder joke (generic "adventures" - really?), just how easy it is to break the game or how pointless it ultimately feels doing almost anything. I'm at 3/4's of the game and I've killed off almost all characters in all areas after completing the hub quests, because why not? It's not like the game will even notice it, it's actually worse then ToEE.



But what really burns me, the proverbial camel back straw? That you would take the side of a random twatter over a backer.

"They wanted to support me" - Riiight. Seriously, I know no one @obsidian would give a toss about this post, I doubt the mods will even let this see the light of day.

But for what's it worth: farewell Obsidian, I won't come near your brand with a ten foot pole.


I don't think I ever really liked you, I suppose I respected what you tried to do; I modded to patch holes you abandoned and even for every missing droid planet I tried to come up with something positive...

...but this time there was no mean publisher pressuring you for release, there was no "legacy" to hobble you with the engine or the world of the prequel. It's all you, backstabbing and all.


...and since you care about "feelings" that much, mine are of feeling betrayed and ripped off.

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