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[Suggestion]An option to leave a party member behind



I'm mainly suggesting this because of Trial by Iron mode. I've already run into several situations/issues which can cause you to become permanently stuck in Trial by Iron mode. Examples:


- Resting in the master bedroom in Brighthollow with the door closed. By morning the door becomes unclickable and you're stuck in the room.

- Characters becoming stuck after combat with 0 Endurance (AFAIK it's a known issue). It forces you to reload a save. Otherwise you're stuck in the area.


Then there is the following situation which isn't a bug, but pretty much forces you to commit suicide:

- You find a buch of enemies which prove to strong. You run away but some party members are struck uncoscious. The enemies give up chase and return to the room where said party members lay on the ground, so these characters can't get up. Now you can't leave the area, can't rest and if you don't have spells capable of friendly fire, you can't kill the unconscious characters either. Your only option is to fight an encounter with an incomplete party which is very likely equal to sucicide. I know it's not the heroic thing to do, but it would make sense to some players to leave the fallen comrades to their fate instead.


So, for these reasons, I suggest an option to let a party member go. You could also make the dismissal permanent so it wouldn't be taken lightly.

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