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Just going to start a new game and wanted to create a 2h halberd? (Reach weapon) Barbarian. Max Dex and Str. I really don't want to have a high int, but will if not having high int will nerf his AoOE.


Does having a high int increase carnage aoe?


What is the lightest armor you can enchant? Can you enchant clothing? Would like retaliate and the one where you rise from the dead on the same armor if possible.


The info on crafting for this game is woeful, I thought the prima guide was poor as well.



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Yes, Carnage's AoE is increased by intelligence.


You can enchant any armor; heavy, medium, light, clothing. It can all be enchanted. Enchanting is limited, though, and you can't give unique effects like retaliation on it. This keeps named items from being superior to what you can enchant.

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