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Never Far From The Queen Bug



Hello Devs! 


Just as a preface, I apologize for potential lack of information in regards to helping you figure out the problem. I am over 15hrs past where I ran into the bug, not realizing I had run into a bug, and that makes remembering events fuzzy and I am unsure which save file is best. I'll try to dig up the one made in the Temple of Woedica, and the most recent one. 


Essentially, I can't get past Never Far From The Queen. I went through the Catacombs and the Temple of Woedica, thinking things were all fine and dandy, did another 15+hrs of side questing, then went "huh, I need more story quest to get into the next area. I should try to do that".... and then realized that my quest was supposed to have triggered much farther back. 

I did get the Leaden Key, which I think opened a door or box within the temple, so it is no longer in my possession. Initially in the quest, I kinda zerged it. I didn't realize I should wear the hood and go in solo. In the conversation with the guys at the entrance to the temple (from the catacombs), I tried to talk my way in, ended up fighting. So I kept fighting, thinking "plan A didn't work, this must be part of it". I got a leaden key so it should have been okay, something will pop up later. But I didn't get that vision that triggers the next part of the quest. No way to continue.


I've been searching for an answer for days. I tried finding the mod and console command to force it to the next step, but the mod didn't activate, so that didn't work. 


And.... I am having trouble uploading anything. So I am making a dropbox for you with recent save games, it is the best I can find, and also the system specs and output log. 




Again, I apologize for deficiencies. If you need more from me, I am happy to help if able (I may need instruction on how to do so). I'd love to get back to playing the game - it has been splendid thus far. 



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