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Although my really limited spare time does not allow me to play video games anymore, as soon as I heard about the revival of Baldurs Gate and Torment concept in Pillars of Eternity I really couldn't help but buying this game instantly. So far the game seems really to be meeting my expectations and I'm really enjoying the time I spend playing it.

However, I have to admit that I was really really disappointed with the game package. I spent 40€ only to get an old fashioned dvd box  with only the dvd inside and the sticker with the key. No booklet, no paper-box, no dvd sleeve box nothing. I recall back in the 90s what amazing packages did Baldurs Gate, Torment and other games have.

Particularly nowadays that everyone can within a few hours download the whole game through torrents, when paying €40 I was really hoping for a fine box set with a booklet and stuff. 



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