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More informations on character screen

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I don't know how many of you are familiar with Icewind dale 2 but it would be very nice to see same character information screen. To be more precisely i mean full information on each trait (?). For example i would like to know why my character damage redaction is 9, accuracy 40 and so on. It should tell me something like that:


Damage reduction: 9

Base: 4

Items: Some item (1), Another item(2)

Talents: Talent name(1)

Aura: Aura name(1)


It can be more complex but i just want to give you some idea how it can be done. I'm type of player that want to have full controll of each character in team so i can experiment with all kinds of builds. Also this informations would really help me and i'm sure also you to better understand game mechanics so we can enjoy playing game even more. I'm really curious what do you think about it.

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