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Hello everyone! 


I am kind of new to the whole CRPG party thing, I am planning to play the game on hard, and I wanted to have a custom party of 5, so that I can always have 1 story companion in the party to do a mission with. 


I was thinking of this: 


PC: Human Paladin Shieldbearers or Kind wayfarers with a 2handed estoque or 2 handed greatsword. 

Companion1: Wood Elf Ranger with arbalest, 

Companion2: Pale elf Chanter close range or long range? I don't know whats best..  

Companion3: Human Rogue with a gun! 

Companion4: CIpher / Priest / Druid.. ? whats best? I got no clue haha



What do you guys reccommend? I am planning to keep it a pure elf / human party for role play purposes!~ 



Thank you ! 

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