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[BUG][1.0.3] Domination and Charm



Both Domination and Charm, when used on an opponent, frequently simply cause the opponent to walk away and leave battle unless they are in melee of one of your enemies. When they leave battle their status effects are cleared, they become uncharmed/dominated, and proceed to attack you again. This renders charms/dominations almost useless. As they last at most 2 seconds.


I can do more thorough testing to make sure exactly what this behaviour happens under.


Some background is that I have 2 ciphers in my party and regularly prefer to charm/dominate the higher damage, ranged, enemies. Yet they simply reset and rejoin the fight instead.

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Being able to edit posts would be great.


Played some more. This happened to melee enemies as well.


However it did not happen in boss fights. I'm unsure whether the enemy just stood and waited because it couldn't leave combat or actually did as it should though.

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