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My rogue (hired adventurer) can't pick locks

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Hello guys!
I just updated the game with the new patch. I'm currently on a quest "Through Death's Gate"! I just started exploring the map when suddenly I was in front of a door that needs 7 mechanics to open. I have a rogue with 10 mechanics and when I click on the door, nothing happens, it doesn't even count as a failed lockpicking. I tried with my other heroes and it's working, all of them can try to lockpick the door (but they lack the needed mechanics skill and respectively fail to open the door). I re-loaded the game and nothing changed, then I thought that maybe the door is bugged, I tried to open another door that requires lockpicking and it was the same. When I click on the door with my rogue (she's not a companion, I hired her from the inn) and nothing happens. I checked the combat log and nothing appears there as well. Please help me fix this, it really hurts playing like that. I don't have anyone in the party who can pick locks. :(

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