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Did you start with Endless Paths?

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Obviously, there will be some spoilers about the "beginning" of the game.

When I play, I'm methodical: I try to do everything on a map before I leave, so I don't forget anything. Notice that I play in "Hard" because I like tactical challenge (but I'm not crazy), and I try to sleep only when characters are really tired (using only found campfires). Of course, I didn't know the new mechanics used by PoE (some very good points!), so I made some errors during "level up" choices. All this taken into account, the beginning of the game is... special! :)


First was the introduction. OK. (But it wasn't nice to kill my new friends!)  Next I was a lonely wizard versus big bear: hmmm... Then is Eothas Temple. It's was hard, but... ok, I asked for it. Then was Raedric Castle. It was hard too, but when you love, you don't count. Next was... Endless Paths! Sure, it was hard, and long. But I had to clean my cellar! After all the efforts, I was stupidly blocked at depth 13. So -it's bad I know- I cheat on internet to find how to open the talking door. There, I just learned 3 things. 1) You have to go further in the main quest to be able to pass depth 13, and there is "only" 15 depths. 2) Maybe it's better to do Endless Path later. 3) Maybe it's better to do Raedric Castle (and even Eothas Temple?) later. Yeah. : )


So, fortunately, the game is not that hard? ; ) Does it mean that now, with my team's level, the game will be "too" easy during some time? (I was level 3-4 when I started Endless Paths, and now I am 6-7. I got 4000 gold, and now I have 20.000 and plenty stuff to sell.) I'm really curious, I'll see... (No problem, it would be hollidays.) It's vicious to offer hard -feasible- challenges at the beginning, if you are not supposed to do it !!! ;)




That said, I must admit that I used a lot of "hit and run". (Kana is very good for that with "speed" and "reload" song. Talent "+1 speed" is efficient too.) Up to now, maybe it's the biggest IA weakness. 1) Ennemies don't get enough "team spirit", and sometimes they come alone. BG tribute? ; ) It's better than Baldur, of course, but still, a group of ennemy should come all together, isn't it?... 2) Ennemies hate to go too far from their start point. So, at some point, even if they see you, they go back if you go back. Maybe it would be better if they always follow you, so you couldn't be hidden behind an invisible wall? -> A full group purchasing you to death would be a respectable opponent.

Anyway, yo don't have to use this kind of tricks, for sure... but it's fun when you can try to do the best versus the game, without using personal limitation.

I remember the first fight at depth 10, whith appearing shadows: It's a fight in closed space (the only one in Endless Paths!), so you have to fight the entire group and protect yourself. Hard time, good memories. The Dracula fight (Fampyr?) with black guards and small gateway (hopefully) was a though one too.



Anyway, it was fun! But I hope that if you start directly with Endless Paths, the game is still challenging after that. :)

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I would say I had far more trouble with Raedric's Hold or the Temple of Eothas than the Endless Paths, since the Endless Paths actually start with very easy enemies and slowly builds to much tougher enemies, while providing useful loot all the while. Those other two sections start off with paladins and spellcasters and shadows who teleport straight to your spellcaster.

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For Raedric, if you come from the left, the door is small. So, you can let yout team behind, send a solid character to talk to Raedric alone, then make it run (very) quickly to your team. If you get tanks in the small door, and your team behind the wall, it's easier. You can send "magic missiles" or use crossbows to kill mages before they kill you, you can easily boost or protect all your team, and you can even use the effective level 1 priest spell to make an invisible "bubble" on your tanks if it's hot for them. It was not "easy", but it was ok with a low incomplete team. On the other hand, some ennemies in Endless Paths were strong, with high damage and/or zone attacks, I found it more touchy. But they lack team spirit, perseverance and closed spaces (like a trap for example, closing the door behind you). ;)



Indeed, now the game is more easy in Deviance bay!!! And up to now "money is not a problem". But you still have to be cautious if you don't want to lose health, especially with weak spellcasters. (Actually, my spellcasters maily use heavy crossbows... I always keep spells for never-coming harder fights.)


The main problem is that I found new characters with level 7 and 0 athletism... and next level seems so far...  Furthermore, I changed my character with mechanics, but others are really bad, Durance get only 5. So, I will have to use a character I don't want anymore, or I have to create totally a new one with no background in the inn, not cool. ;) I'm afraid too that I already get really good equipment (Endless Path Blade, fireball sword, etc...) Hopefully, we are many in the team. ;)



Defenitely, starting with, or without Endless Paths, can change your game...

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