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Don't mean to alarm you, but... soundclip redundancy



Eder keeps yapping each time he's hit from poisonous things about slowly dying of poison. This means he might repeat it 15 - 20 times in a battle, and sometimes say it 3 or so times in a row, with the soundclip playing again before he's even finished saying it from the last time.



Also, the new patch hasn't resolved the missing talent issue for my main character, a Cipher, who has only 45 Focus at level 7, despite having the talent Greater Focus, which should bring his total Focus up to 55.



Also, the Caed Nua logbook displays the oldest entry first, making it needed to scroll down to the bottom of the logbook each time it's wanted to see the updated status. The most recent status should display at the top, progressing from newest to oldest - for convenience and practicality.



And also, a hired adventurer paladin, who was the last member to join my party, lost her voice some time ago, and it still hasn't come back with this patch.

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