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Small annoyances in a great game



First let me say I think this is a magnificant game.  If I have some of the other bugs or issues I either have not noticed as yet.  There are so many great things about this game I almost hate to mention these things at all.  Two are bugs and probably have been mentioned somewhere.  One may not be but it drives me crazy though it does not prevent the game from being played and enjoyed.


Let me get to this issue first.  The issue is when getting to the edge of the visable area for my group the screen will sometimes either not scroll over or you will have to put the pointed at such a small exact location it is a bit annoying.  When you accidently engage in combat and can't scroll or see your enemies it can be...well difficult.   I can, of course, get the map open and move the area and move the party but I don't want to be forced to do that.  I do have dual monitors but have turned off the curser moving to the other screen thinking this may be the issue.  It was not.  This may just be something I must live with but I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue.


The others are more bugs.  When moving at fast speed the music/sound seems to often break up.  I don't thnk that is meant to happen.  The other is that I am not freezing up, per se, but rather often especially after a battle, the party will not move when I point.  The curser changes from the spots for the party to just a pointer like when you interact with a wall or something.  They will go in and out of doors but won't move after this.  Their idle animations atill work and I can speak with party members, open menus, etc.  They simply will not move.  If I make a save that doesn't help.  I have to actually exit completely out of the game.


If anyone has any thoughts or this gets through to the game creators that would be great.  I think these are small issues really.  Again I thank everyone for an otherwise enjoyable and entertaining game.

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