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Game Freezes upon Loading

Grey Goshawk


The game freezes whilst loading my save file which is in Caed Nua.
Essentially all that happens is that it remains on the loading screen like this indefinitely:






Unfortunately I have three saves in this location, including autosave, and the previous save from those is 7 hours previous. The older saves in different locations load perfectly fine as well as starting a new game will load correctly.


I'm currently running the Windows 10 beta and this is the output_log:


I also used a Windows 2008 VM that I have which loads the other saves files fine and here is the output log:



Since I have been able to load other save games, I don't think the operating system is an issue.

But I can test the Linux version if you think it will make a difference because I really want to be able to continue playing.


Here is a zip with my save files, I've included the save file that does load correctly.



Here is my dxdiag:




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