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[Bug] Pain Block Casts on Enemies As Well



Cipher power Pain Block should be ally only, however the affects apply to an AoE around the allied target.

e.g. Targeted Eder with pain block during Ogre fight & all enemies around him received the buff as well.

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I started a reddit thread on this topic as well.




**Pain Block**:  This cipher power, is suppose to provide healing & DR to a single targeted ally.  Currently it applies the buff to enemies that are in very close proximity to the allied target.  Making the power effectively useless except for your bankline characters that are getting low.
How to reproduce.
*  Have an ally engage any enemy in melee.
*  Cast Pain Block on said ally.
*  Any enemy within melee range of said ally will now also have Pain Block.
[LINK to edited screenshot]   (http://imgur.com/opKkmPB)
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