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Nothing happens after final fight

Van Kroenen


1:30 hour it took me, but now I finally made it! Although my party members did the whole time what the want (like the whole rest of the game) and even though it wasn't the best team for the final battle (I could not change it because of the "goup change bug") i now finally made it! I killed the final boss!




Oh.... wait. Don't make the bill without more major game breaking bugs.......................................


After Thalos and the two golems are down..... simply nothing happens. The party won't move, i can't open the main menu, I can't click on Thalos.... nothing. My only option is Alt+F4. So, yeah. What can I say? In my opinion Obsidian wrote the worst ending of a RPG of all time. Even ME3 was better. :p

It seems, 12+ years of working experience and 3 Million Dollars aren't enough to refrain fatal game breaking bugs in a full priced game. I'm not angry but just disappointed.


And no... I can't reproduce the bug because I won't invest 1:30 hours again to try it. It's a pity because of all the last hours but at least I have learnd my lessions for the next time.

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