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Hi everybody, 


I'm a PoE backer and this is the first time I get in contact. I just wanted to tell you THANKS for this game: it is all I hoped it would become.


I see from the posts here that there are some issues, people not satisfied or who hoped for a better product. Me, I stayed away from previews and similar anticipations in fear of being disappointed and now I just wanted to give my two cents. I really, really loved BG style IE games and a part of me was ready to be disappointed when I backed this project on trust in the first days.


Now, with just some hours of gameplay under the belt, I can say that this games delivers more than expected, succeeding in being more than a mere worthy heir to its illustrious predecessors, ad I do hope it will be the first of a long serie, which I'll surely back/preorder day one.


And, it was not easy task.


Thanks Obsidian, not the company, but to the people in the company that put so much passion in efforts in giving me the game I waited for 15 years. Keep it up!

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For me PoE is the perfect game atm and omg I'm playin'  8h+ per day (furlough)

i'm 35 y old , and last solo game i played that much was secret of mana (Snes) 20 years ago  :geek:


Thank you Obsidian and backers !


(google trad because bad english skills)

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