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Hi there!


First of all I'd say that i play this game in a two person party. However i hired all companions i met so far and let them in the inn.

Now i invited Eder back into my group to do his quest. In the moment Eder joined my party he had 5 level ups. Now i wonder if all the experience which I gained in my two person party splitted not only between these two characters but splitted between everybody in the inn, too?


In other words, did or didn't i got the bonus experience for beating the game with a smaller party?

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That's an interesting question. I suspect that the XP is not split with those in the inn, but the game is instead setting NPCs levels to be your level or your level minus one when you first make them a companion. This means that you can actually increase your total party XP by delaying adding scripted NPCs to your party.


I'm also curious about how XP is split between party members. Is it split evenly or does everyone get the full value? I suppose this would be easy to check, I just don't have the game in front of me right now.

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