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Character cannot move around in Valewood



Hi everyone, I am new to this kind of game and have a very weird thing going on.   It happens both on my Win 8 laptop and my Win 7 desktop, both of which are more than up to spec.


My character emerges from Cilant-Lis into Valewood and can get as far as the first corpse (to the left of the screen) and a little further, but cannot seem to explore any more of the map.   I move the cursor to the edge of the screen as you do, but no more map starts to open.   I tried to attach a screen but couldn't.   This just didn't happen in the dungeon nor for that matter did I have any problem traversing the ground in the backer beta.   So basically, I am firmly stuck in Valewood near the entrance and cannot move.

Can anyone make any suggestions about how to overcome?   I know how to work the controls but, as I say, am stuck!   I have a decent mouse on each PC (Razer Deathadder and Logitecg G something cost about £100) and a mechanical keyboard on the desktop, all in perfect working order. I have to get good peripherals due to arthritic hands.


Very grateful for your help!

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