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Question about end of game

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After you beat the game is there any way to leave the area you are in and continue to play in the world, or do you have to load a previous save?


If not I would advise either



a) warning people of this


b) add an exit to the area so we can continue in the world without reverting to a old save file!



BTW love this game so much... might be my favorite single player game of all time... played it like 60 hours since release and loved every minute of it. 


I would LOVE for a expansion or more content where we can keep our party together!

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It autosaves a Pre-Endgame save file for you right as you go into the point of no return, so I don't see an immediate need for playing afterwards. I certainly wouldn't complain if the expansion allowed us to play after the final boss though.

Curious about the subraces in Pillars of Eternity? Check out 

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